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University of Colorado Ob/Gyn Dr. Steve Rotholz

Why Evidence Based Medicine Matters

Evidence based medicine is a science-based approach to healthcare. Well-founded research should be the guiding force behind every doctor’s medical decisions, but that’s not always the case.

Dr-Diane-Christopher-MD | OBGYN & Pregnancy Physician

Postpartum Depression FAQ

Postpartum depression (PPD) can be scary, confusing and overwhelming, but hope and help are available. Dr. Diane Christopher answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding PPD.

Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth: Should you do it?

Dr. Holmes discusses the growing number of patients curious about natural childbirth or giving birth with the least medical intervention possible, particularly anesthesia and pain medication.

University of Colorado Ob/Gyn Dr. Steve Rotholz

Treat Heavy Bleeding & Get Your Life Back

Many of the women experience abnormally heavy bleeding during their periods and think that they have to just live with it. That’s just not the case. Treatment options like endometrial ablation or birth control can provide relief.

Dr. Christina Conageski | University of Colorado OBGYN

Less Paps + More HPV Vaccination = Less Cancer

The Pap test, performed along with a pelvic exam, screens for cervical cancer and when appropriate the human papillomavirus (HPV). Medical professionals interpreting modern research are finding that annual screenings may produce unnecessary anxiety and cost for women without reducing cervical cancer risk.

Dr. Jaime Arruda

Is Your Surgeon Good Enough for You?

Going under the knife is a big decision for any patient. But almost as important is assessing and selecting the best surgeon, which can be challenging. Ask these questions to find out if your surgeon should operate on you.

Dr. Jaime Arruda

Facebook Bragging About Weight Loss After Pregnancy

In this video, Dr. Jaime Arruda discusses safe postpartum weight loss. Although some women post weight loss photos on Facebook quickly after giving birth, everyone gains & loses weight differently during & after pregnancy.