Speciality Clinics

PROMISE Perinatal Mood Disorders Clinic

CU's Perinatal Resource Offering Mood Integrated Services & Evaluation (PROMISE) clinic provides counseling for women during and after pregnancy for mood disorders & anxiety.

University of Colorado Vaginitis & Vulvitis Clinic

The Vaginitis Clinic at the University of Colorado, within the Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN), is a unique clinical concept that focuses on treating chronic vaginitis and related skin conditions of the vulva.

Complex Colposcopy Clinic

CU’s Complex Colposcopy Clinic is well-equipped to handle all colposcopy cases. A colposcopy is a diagnostic procedure involving the use of a colposcope, a magnifying device that allows a doctor to closely examine the cervix, vulva and vagina. Colposcopies are most commonly performed after a patient receives abnormal results on a pap smear, a test used to identify cervical cancer.

Pelvic Pain Clinic

CU’s Pelvic Pain Clinic helps patients in all aspects of diagnosing and treating chronic pelvic pain. There are many sources of chronic pelvic pain in women, and identifying its underlying cause can be key to effectively alleviating it. However, pain can be adequately managed even in cases where a source is not identified. Pelvic pain may originate from disorders of the reproductive system (uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc.) the urinary and digestive systems (irritable bowel syndrome, chronic bladder inflammation) as well as the muscles and tissues that comprise the pelvic floor.