Pregnancy Classes, Parenting Classes & Services

Whether it is your first child or another addition to your growing family, pregnancy and early parenthood come with a lot of unknowns. At University of Colorado OB-GYN we offer a variety of pregnancy classes and services to help you prepare for and care for your little one.

Explore the parenting classes, pregnancy classes and services below to learn about the many ways we can help moms and dads prepare to be the best parent possible. Part of that preparation involves establishing a birthing plan and selecting from the care options we offer.

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How to register

To register for any of these classes, visit and follow these instructions:

  • Click on Classes and Events
  • Click Topics followed by Childbirth and Family Education
  • Click Region followed by Metro Denver.

Or, call (720) 848-1174.

Childbirth education and parenting classes

Primary childbirth

This pregnancy class is designed to walk you through labor and the relaxation and comfort skills to use, with or without medication, during childbirth. It also goes over various ways that your birth partner can support you, and takes you on a tour of our Birth Center. These pregnancy classes are held on two consecutive Saturdays.

Express childbirth

This one-time, 6 hour session is similar to the primary class. It is designed for those who have either had a baby and need a quick refresher, or for those with busy schedules and do not have time to attend an extensive course.

Going natural: Comfort skills for an unmedicated birth

This workshop is for those who are interested in giving birth without the use of any, or a limited amount of, pain medication. This class focuses on partner support, informed decision making and comfort during childbirth. It is fun, interactive and supportive of the idea that birth is a natural process. The class is held over a weekend (Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon).

Vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC)

This informational session is given by one of our providers to answer questions and offer information about giving birth to a child vaginally after a previous C-section birth.

Beginning breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be difficult at first, so this class will teach techniques for feeding, signs of a good milk supply and ways to manage issues that arise. You will also learn about pumping and how to continue breastfeeding once you go back to work. Partners are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Newborn parenting

This parenting class teaches you all about your newborn. It covers bathing, diapering, feeding and safety issues. Come learn about your bundle of joy!

Skin-to-skin care for you and your baby

Though not a formal class, at the time of birth we instruct new parents in “skin-to-skin” care, meaning how to hold and bond with your baby. After delivery your baby is placed belly down directly on your chest to create special, skin-to-skin contact.

Skin-to-skin contact in the first hour of life and during the baby’s first days and weeks has a variety of benefits for both you and your baby. In addition to creating strong feelings of bonding and attachment, it also stimulates breastfeeding.

It is important for new parents to make sure their families and friends are aware of and respectful of the new parents’ and baby’s bonding needs during this time. Having private time with your newborn for skin-to-skin care between mom, dad and baby is one of the best gifts you can share.

Parenting, CPR classes for dads | CU OB-GYNInfant and child CPR

This is an American Heart Family and Friends class that goes over infant and child CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and how to respond to emergencies. Other safety issues for infant and children, such as choking, are also covered. This class is excellent for older siblings and grandparents as well.

Especially for dads

This 2 hour class helps dads-to-be get ready for their upcoming role. The class covers common reactions to birth and the postpartum period. It also covers how to make your home baby-safe, car seat safety and how to balance your career and family life.

New parent support

Breastfeeding support group

Breastfeeding is good for you and your baby however, it can be difficult at first. Our weekly support group is designed to help you through struggles you may face, meet other moms and address concerns with a registered nurse specially trained in breastfeeding issues.

These weekly, hour long sessions are free and are held every Wednesday from 1:30-2:45 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion. If you have questions, please contact Karen Cloud at (720) 848-1741.

Green parenting

Eco-friendly tips to live a healthier lifestyle, save money and create a positive impact on a growing family. Green options for baby and home, personal care products and mindful food choices are discussed. For more details, please contact Karen Cloud at (720) 848-1741.

PROMISE clinic

PROMISE perinatal mood disorders clinic offers emotional health support for expectant and new mothers. Women who are pregnant or have just delivered are changing emotionally, socially, hormonally and physically, which can be overwhelming.

Perinatal Resource Offering Mood Integrated Services & Evaluation (PROMISE) provides on-site screening, treatment, emotional support and community referrals for women who are receiving pregnancy care with us and who may be experiencing perinatal mood disorders.