Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss Support

University of Colorado OB-GYN & Family Planning is dedicated to providing women of all ages with quality reproductive healthcare and family planning options. Sadly, family planning can take an unexpected turn and sometimes includes pregnancy loss. Our skilled physicians are here to help you through with pregnancy loss services, including:Couple holding hands | Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss | CU OB-GYN

  • Miscarriage management & counseling
  • Fetal demise management & support

For referring providers

We provide pregnancy termination services for fetal demise and maternal/fetal health indications. Please call 303-724-8576.

Miscarriage management

If you believe you are having or have had a miscarriage, contact your doctor immediately.

Any tissue that passes through the vagina should be examined by your medical health professional. Your doctor can help determine whether any pregnancy tissue still remains in the uterus.

If all pregnancy tissue does not exit the womb naturally, dilation and curettage surgery (D&C) or medication may be necessary to help remove it.

After having a miscarriage, most women resume a normal menstrual cycle within six weeks. Let your doctor know if you continue to have abnormal bleeding.

It is possible to get pregnant again right away. Most medical providers recommend waiting at least one normal menstrual cycle after a miscarriage before trying to get pregnant again.

Miscarriage complications

An infection can develop if any tissue from the fetus or placenta remains in the uterus. Symptoms of an infection include a fever, abnormal bleeding, cramping and a foul-smelling discharge. If you believe you might have any of these symptoms, it’s important to see your doctor, as infections require immediate medical attention and treatment.

Other complications from a miscarriage include emotional depression or sadness. It is normal to feel sorrow over such a loss, and it is good to surround yourself with love and support.

If you are experiencing continued depression without improvement, seek help from your health provider.

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