Dr. Appiah Talks Infertility Awareness With Fox 31 Denver

Speaking out this National Infertility Awareness Week on how treatments can help 90% of those with infertility

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CU OB-GYN’s fertility expert Dr. Leslie Appiah shares what we all need to know about this all-too-common issue, affecting 1 in 8 couples. She works with those who want to build a family but can’t, pointing out that the disease of infertility is increasing among men and women.

Infertility is disappointing enough, but it also can greatly affect a person’s perception of themselves, sometimes leading to poor mental health and social discomfort. Dr. Appiah and Fox31 want to help those who do not face infertility better understand the fight their loved ones may be facing by talking about infertility awareness.

In about 90% of infertility cases, fertility treatments can enable a couple or an individual to conceive and have a healthy baby. Yet only about half of people with this condition seek such medical help.

Dr. Appiah addresses the causes for the increase, such as increasing levels of being overweight as well as environmental toxins. She also encourages women to utilize the annual visit with their OB-GYN to evaluate their fertility and even pursue some initial infertility treatment options if a problem is found. Dr. Appiah says CU OB-GYN refers women to fertility specialists for more advanced treatments.

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