HPV Prevention Is Well Worth the Cost of the Vaccine, Santoro Tells Healthline

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The vaccine was recently approved for people over age 26, but it carries a price boost to $300 that physicians fear could curtail its use.

Until recently the HPV vaccine, known to prevent the contraction of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and development of HPV related cancers such as cervical and anal cancer, was only approved for use in men and women up to the age of 26. The FDA recently approved the vaccine for adults age 27-45. Per a recent Healthline article, this has left experts to speculate whether this move will increase vaccination rates or whether the nearly $300 up-front price tag will deter adults.

Dr. Nanette Santoro explains that despite the price tag, the vaccine is a “good preventative health investment.” Santoro recommends adult men and women check with their insurance company to determine coverage and reimbursement options, explaining that HPV prevention in the short term is well worth the cost – it’s cancer prevention in the long-term.

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