Pelleted Hormone Therapy May Prove Risky, Dr. Santoro Warns

EndocrineWeb logo for story on pelleted hormone therapy| CU OBGYN | COIn review of study results, Dr. Santoro questions benefits of pelleted hormone therapy

Dr. Nanette Santoro warns of significant adverse side effects of using non-FDA approved hormones to address menopausal symptoms, in a review for EndorineWeb.

While hormone replacement therapies have been approved by the FDA, a retrospective study of the newest formulation, pelleted hormone therapy, has raised concerns. The research found significantly higher incidences of negative side effects such as abnormal bleeding, mood swings and anxiety, breast tenderness, changes in hair patterns, acne, and weight gain. Compared with postmenopausal women using FDA-approved hormone therapy, those treated with pellet therapy also had a higher rate of subsequent hysterectomy.

“This study helps us to understand the concerns about using non-FDA approved hormones,” said Dr.  Santoro. Moreover, she noted that it “raises the need for women to discuss the risks as well as the potential benefits of pelleted bioidentical hormones BEFORE committing to their use.”

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