Dr. Santoro on Breakthroughs for Menopause Management

 U.S. News logo | Dr. Nanette Santoro talks about breakthroughs of menopause management with U.S. News & World Report | CU OB-GYN | Denver, CO

She tells U.S. News & World Report menopause management is easier thanks to new tests & treatments

For many women, entering menopause can be unfamiliar and challenging. Fortunately, OB/GYNs have been working to develop new tests and treatments that help women predict this important transition and manage its difficult symptoms. The PicoAMH ELISA diagnostic test, which measures the amount of anti-Müllerian hormone in a woman’s blood, and Bijuva, a new form of FDA-approved hormone therapy, are two significant breakthroughs for menopause management.

Dr. Nanette Santoro says, “Women who have heavy menstrual bleeding and want to avoid having a hysterectomy might benefit from knowing that the bleeding won’t last much longer.” She explains, “It (Bijuva) does the same thing that other forms of hormone therapy do but it’s got the advantage of using naturally occurring estradiol and progesterone, exactly as the body would produce (before menopause), with both hormones in the same capsule.”

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