Marijuana for PMS Medicine Is Not a Sure Thing

Conducting any research on the effects of cannabis on the body, such as marijuana for PMS symptoms, is difficult

Logo of Fusion Media, which quoted Dr. Santoro on using marijuana for PMS symptoms | CU OB-GYN | Denver, COMarijuana for PMS to ease symptoms is beginning to become a prescribed treatment for women, as reported by Fusion Media.

Dr. Nanette Santoro, a fertility specialist at CU OB-GYN, was interviewed for the article and said, “It is very difficult to conduct a valid scientific study of marijuana’s effect on menstrual cycle symptoms because it is not legal [on a federal level], and therefore relying on self-report of use is often not valid.”

Currently, a licensed medical professional who prescribes marijuana for PMS in California may recommend using the drug to ease PMS symptoms. Omm Alternative Medicine, located in Colorado, says it offers medicinal marijuana evaluations and that marijuana is prescribed for PMS symptoms in the most severe cases.