Dr. Zsemlye Tells FOX 31 About Long-Term Risk of Hypertension During Pregnancy

Research reveals hypertension during pregnancy could lead to cognitive decline in mothers later in life

Dr. Meggan Zsemlye talked with FOX 31about the findings of a study that followed 115 Colorado women for anFOX 31 logo for article on hypertension during pregnancy affects | CU OB-GYN | Denver, CO average of 15 years who had gestational hypertension (high blood pressure) during their pregnancies. The women with high blood pressure scored significantly lower on cognitive tests such as “working memory” and “verbal learning” skills about 15 years after they gave birth.

Although it’s true that pregnant women can’t change high blood pressure related to their genetics, doctors at UCHealth say a healthy diet and regular exercise could certainly help.

“It’s not saying that 15 years after you have a baby if you had hypertension you’re going to be seriously impaired, but the beginnings can be seen even then,” Dr. Zsemlye said. “If somebody has had a history of hypertension in a previous pregnancy, we may advise them to start taking a low dose baby aspirin in a subsequent pregnancy.”

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