Dr. Santoro on Connection Between Female Veterans and Hysterectomies

Hysterectomies may be linked to higher rates of sexual assaultGiddy logo for article on female veterans having higher rates of hysterectomies | CU OB-GYN | CO

Research tells us that one of the unique healthcare needs for female military veterans is an elevated prevalence of hysterectomies in comparison to nonveterans.

A hysterectomy is a major operation performed to treat health problems that affect the female reproductive system. It is usually considered only after less invasive treatments have been tried first.

Dr. Nanette Santoro provides input on how the higher incidence of sexual assault in reproductive age female veterans (62%) than in nonmilitary women of the same age (15%-20%) can be one of the reasons for a higher number of female veterans having hysterectomies compared to the general population.

“Sexual trauma is well known to be associated with pelvic pain, and chronic pain can lead to a hysterectomy in an attempt to make the pain go away,” said Dr. Santoro.

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