Dr. Nanette Santoro Discusses Pregnancy and PCOS with Insider

Pregnancy and PCOS | CU OBGYN | COGetting pregnant with PCOS is possible, but there are risks of hypertensive disorders


Dr. Nanette Santoro shares her expertise on pregnancy and PCOS. She explains that women with PCOS are able to conceive, but they may be more likely to develop high blood pressure that could lead to preeclampsia. She also shares her input on common ways that women with PCOS can increase their chances of conceiving.

“If a woman is under 35 and she’s having at least one period every three months, she may want to try on her own for up to six months to a year to see if she can get pregnant,” says Santoro. “But if she can’t, it’s time to go to an obstetrician.”

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