Head of CDC Once a Proponent of Controversial Anti-Aging Treatment

CU’s Dr. Santoro is quoted in a recent Forbes article that takes aim at the newly appointed CDC director’s track record as an OB-GYN.

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Prior to her appointment as the Centers for Disease Control director, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald was a board-certified OB-GYN and at one time a proponent of bioidentical hormone treatments for women going through menopause. The treatments, which were prescribed as supplements and therefore not regulated by the FDA, claimed to have anti-aging properties and were somewhat of a booming fad just a few years ago (touted by the likes of TV stars Oprah and Susanne Somers).

Fitzgerald’s endorsement of the controversial supplements, called “snake oil” by some and “bioridiculous” by CU’s Dr. Nannette Santoro, was cause for concern about Fitzgerald’s CDC appointment by women’s health advocates.

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