Laughing Gas For Labor Pain

mamas latinas laughing gas interview with CU doctorDr. Rotholz spoke to MamásLatinas about this emerging treatment option

The University of Colorado is the only hospital in the Denver area that offers nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) as a treatment option for managing labor pain. With the growing interest in its use during deliveries, CU’s Dr. Stephen Rotholz spoke to MamásLatinas about the safety of laughing gas.

Nitrous oxide has long been used in medicine and dentistry for pain relief and to help patients relax. The rising popularity of natural deliveries has resulted in the emergence of laughing gas as a labor pain treatment option. Laughing gas is considered to be a safe, low-risk pain management aid with a short duration and few side effects for mom and baby.

Risks are uncommon and minimal, however, Dr. Rotholz did explain there is a small percentage of patients for whom this treatment option may not be ideal.

“There are a limited number of patients who should not use this medication,” he explains. “These include patients with untreated vitamin B12 deficiency, certain blood clotting disorders, and those who are acutely intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.” He went on to talk about the few rare side effects associated with nitrous oxide.

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