Brain Fog Menopause

Fuzzy-headed, brain fog menopause can be a frustrating symptom, but there may be a new solution

A study published in the journal Menopause last year found that the prescription ADHD medication Strattera significantly improved mental function in menopausal women who had complained of memory and other cognitive problems. It was a small trial, and further research would need to be done before the FDA would approve the drug for this purpose, but this study appears to hold a lot of promise for women who are struggling with this issue.

“Reading this study was one of those ‘a ha!’ moments, because mental fog is a prevalent complaint of my patients who are going through the menopausal transition,” says Dr. Nanette Santoro of the University of Colorado Department of OB-GYN. “They can’t think straight and are not cognitively functioning where they want to be, and a lot of these women have high-demand professions and feel that they can’t afford it.”