University of Colorado Vaginitis/Vulvitis Clinic

The Vaginitis/Vulvitis Clinic at the University of Colorado, within the Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN), is a unique clinical concept that focuses on treating chronic vaginitis and related skin conditions of the vulva. Vaginitis is a broad term that incorporates any condition that may cause inflammation resulting in discharge, itching or pain.

Vulvar skin conditions, or vulvar dermatoses, are those conditions that affect the vulva causing itching, burning and discomfort. Most women will experience at least one form of vaginitis in their lifetime and a large number of women are affected by vulvar dermatoses.

Women can come to the clinic to be diagnosed and treated for a wide range of issues relating to the vulva and vagina.

The CU Vaginitis/Vulvitis Clinic is the only dedicated center for vaginitis issues in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain region. The closest comparable vaginitis clinic is located in Iowa.

Who works at the clinic?

The clinic is run by Christine Conageski, MD, an Assistant Professor of OB-GYN at CU.

Who does the Vaginitis/Vulvitis Clinic treat?

Women ages 18 and up are typically referred to CU’s Vaginitis/Vulvitis Clinic after initially visiting a general OB-GYN. This clinic is designed for patients who have been treated by a General OBGYN for 3 months without relief in their symptoms

What conditions does the clinic treat?

Women rarely experience only one vaginitis condition. Typically, multiple conditions occur simultaneously. Major conditions that bring women to the clinic include:

  • Chronic general vaginitis symptoms without a diagnosis – inflammation or infection in the vagina indicated by pain, itchiness or abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • Chronic or recurrent bacterial vaginosis or yeast – an overgrowth of bacteria or fungus in the vagina.
  • Vulvar and vaginal warts
  • Vulvar dermatoses – skin conditions indicated by chronic pain in and around the vulva that also causes general discomfort, pain and itching. Examples include lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.

Where is the Vaginitis/Vulvitis Clinic and how do I schedule an appointment?

Dr. Christine Conageski

Dr. Christine Conageski

Dr. Conageski is a University of Colorado Obstetrics and Gynecology physician and Assistant Professor. Her medical interests include abnormal uterine bleeding, cervical cytology, vaginitis and vulvitis.
Dr. Meggan Zsemlye

Dr. Meggan Zsemlye

Dr. Zsemlye brings an extensive knowledge of colposcopy and cervical cancer prevention. Regardless of whether she is providing basic medical care, delivering a baby or walking a patient through a cancer scare, she sees each patient relationship as a partnership – a delicate balance of listening to the patient’s concern and then creating a treatment plan together.

The clinic sees and treats patients with complex disorders of the vagina and vulva. This clinic is designed for patients who have been seen and treated by a general OBGYN for at least 3 months without relief in their symptoms.If you would like to be scheduled, please call to schedule an appointment. CU OBGYN will need to obtain your records before and procedures or services can be provided.

1635 Aurora Ct.Aurora, CO, 80045
3rd floor Outpatient Pavilion

Contact CU today for more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Conageski or Dr. Zsemyle.