Dr. Santoro Talks Fertility Testing with Glamour

When medicine mingles with slick Silicon Valley capitalism, be careful not to let the science of fertility testing fall by the wayside

fertility testing | Glamour logo | CU OB-GYNCU’s Dr. Nannette Santoro recently spoke to Glamour on the rise of fertility testing companies claiming to offer women a definitive look at their reproductive potential. But claims being made by companies marketing these services may be misleading given that fertility testing is still an area of great scientific debate and controversy. It’s a subject that requires more research as well as a nuanced examination of the facts on hand.

“Women are being told what to do, and we need to be making sure that what they are being told is being based on careful science,” Dr. Santoro explains in the article. “It’s cynical, but we live in a capitalistic society, and this is something that can be sold to women.”

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