Planning 20 Years Ago Beats Male Infertility From Cancer Treatment

Dr. Santoro tells CBS Denver it was a textbook case of fertility preservation

Jason and his wife, Emily, are smitten with their son Sam. He is their little male infertility | CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine | CBS Denver logomiracle. Twenty years ago it was bone cancer, not kids or male infertility, on Jason’s mind.

“I had a softball-sized tumor behind my left shoulder,” said Jason. Even though parenthood was not on Jason’s mind, his parents convinced him to preserve his fertility by banking sperm.

Fifteen years later, Jason met Emily who works for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Love, marriage, and longing for a baby led to Dr. Nannette Santoro. They retrieved Jason’s 20-year-old frozen sperm from the lab, and Emily got pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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